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Let your home speak volumes of your aesthetic and keen eye, without you having to say a word. 

What is that elusive quality that transforms a house into a home?

It is those who live under its roof, and each lovingly curated element housed within, turning mere bricks and mortar into a living, breathing, flourishing extension of who they are.

With a vision to enable each patron to acquire all they need to make their home a one-of-a-kind marvel, Ra Lifestyles  laid its roots in Pune in 2009, founded by Shekhar Shah and his son Mihir. Located in the city’s quiet, contemporary suburb – Kalyani Nagar – Ra Lifestyle’s stunning 12,000 sq ft bungalow-turned- showcase store is as much a study in beauty as each of its products.

From the moment you step inside, time seems to slow down, as you meander through the endless array of beautifully handcrafted artifacts & hand crafted furniture  – from beds , study tables , t.v. units , dining table sets, leather sofas , outdoor furniture, hardware ,  wardrobes, hand painted home decor artifacts, never before seen chandeliers, wall decor and so much more. Available in a surreal spectrum of styles, materials and colors, each of these lovingly crafted pieces are truly one of a kind, making sure your home is truly your own.

Nine years on, we are proud to have been given an opportunity to infuse beauty and warmth to several homes, through our products. We often partner with architects to conceptualize and provide the furniture of entire homes, where each element – from the table to tea pot, door knobs to door handles that look nothing less than jewels, the chair to the clock – is a Ra Lifestyles piece. But we are not one to rest on our laurels – To us, each day is a new day, and an opportunity to meet new, discerning patrons who have the keen eye to find their home in our pieces.

With our bespoke furniture having adorned the homes of over 4,000 customers, many of them expats who have taken their beloved pieces to their home countries, it brings us absolute joy to get the opportunity to lend your space the character and warmth you’d envisioned for it.  Over 1500 stunning, carefully curated pieces are showcased across our store, and from the moment you step in, they are sure to beckon you with their beauty.

For our Pune based patrons , we offer complimentary doorstep delivery of your chosen pieces, and also assemble them at your home.

Ra Celebratory Sale- Up to 50% Off

Ever since Ra was founded nine years ago, you’ve given us the incredible privilege of adorning your beautiful home. Your continued patronage is what drives us, and has helped us grow into one of the most beloved furniture and home decor brands in the country. You’re the reason for our success and today, we’d like to express our heartfelt gratitude to you.

From 15th January 2019 to 31st March 2019, join us for Ra Celebratory Sale. With never before discounts of up to 50% on stunning hardwood furniture, exquisite home decor, accessories and more, this is an extremely special offer by Ra, extended lovingly to its loyal patrons. We’ve specially curated our collection for the next two months with one of a kind, never before seen pieces – so prepare to be swept off your feet!


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