Unique Yet Functional Space Inspired Daybeds

Unique Yet Functional Space Inspired Daybeds

A daybed fits perfectly and brings in an edginess to space. This most versatile piece of furniture is a celebration of unhurried life as it can be used for reclining, lounging, and seating. It is placed in the common rooms and is also a very popular option for the guest bedrooms.

Secrets about Spaces
When space is limited, one simple trick that works always is to use daybed instead of a large bed as it brings in fluidity, and helps the space to flow seamlessly.

The idea of a daybed is to create privacy that does not isolate. RA Lifestyle being the Best Furniture Store in Pune offers compact daybeds that have multiple uses, adapting to its surrounding, it is unique yet functional.

The styles and colors of the daybed are the key differentiating zones of the room. While daybed forms the place to relax and recharge your energies, it must reflect your tastes as that will add a touch of originality, style, and bring comfort to your space.

Flaunt your Style
Daybeds come in a wide assortment of shapes, sizes, and styles. Typically features sides and back and come in twin sizes, often has a trundle for expanding the sleeping capacity. Available in metal, wood or a combination of both. The metal day beds bring in a more traditional look than the wood daybeds, which are considered to be more modern. However, traditional-looking wood beds and contemporary metal ones are also available.

Our Designer Furniture Store in Pune has transitional daybed designs that strike a perfect balance between the traditional and modern schemes. Therefore, the style of the furniture you choose from our store will completely complement the rest of the decor of your home.

Color adds Character
Color transforms a space like nothing else. There are plenty of color options when it comes to selecting this multi-function furniture, like dark, light or painted wood and in metal- silver, brass or chrome.

Our designers enhance your spaces with incredible ease by helping you choose the right color daybed that complements the interior decor of your home.

Prime Comfort
There are different kinds of materials used for mattresses in daybeds. Choosing the right one is important. A firmer mattress is primarily used for sleeping purpose, whereas the softer one for sitting. We offer vibrant cushions and mattresses that will blend well with the style and color of your daybed.

Mindless to Mindful
Like mentioned earlier, daybeds allow the transition. With a daybed in your house you end up with a piece of furniture that can provide seating space when you need it, and a bed for guests when they visit -a compact and beautiful package- creates a mindless to mindful shift.

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