8000 sq ft of exquisite classicism - Pune

 When Pune-based architect, Sonal Tarde chose Ra Lifestyle to furnish this stunning, 8000 sq. ft. home from scratch, we were delighted to collaborate on this exciting project. With an overarching theme of the understated and the classic, each piece was carefully selected to complement the home’s overall muted and exquisite aura, and took a quick six weeks from start to finish.

Rustic Jewel - 5000 Sq ft Farm House

From the lovingly handcrafted four poster beds, quirky wall decor, hard wood bookshelves to ornate mirrors and so much more, we loved adding a vibrant and rustic charm to this lovely 5000 sq ft. farmhouse set in a 1 acre with well thought land scaping . The result? A stunning, one of a kind home that you simply can’t take your eyes off from.

Vintage Charm with a Fresh Twist

Collaborating with architect and designer Pranav Thakor Singh on this exquisite residence was an absolute pleasure. Ra Lifestyle loved bringing the designer’s fresh-yet-vintage vision to life through each of our pieces, from the center table, the one-of-a-kind wall clock, beds to the wall decor.

Center Court, Pune - Customized, Handcrafted Sheesham Furniture and Wall Decor.

It was an absolute pleasure to craft intricately-handcrafted four, six, and eight seater tables along with over 70 hard wood chairs for Center Court, a traditional dining restaurant located in Pune. Built from exquisite sheesham and with detailed inlay work, each piece was crafted to perfection to suit the aesthetic and atmosphere of the restaurant. Ra also curated the wall decor, as well as the hard wood cash counter table for the restaurant.

Minimalist marvel

Sleek, minimalist and modern – Ra lifestyle took great pleasure in furnishing this beautiful and spacious residence in Pune. From the contemporary wall decor, all white dining set and four poster  beds,  center tables to the all-weather outdoor furniture and much more, each piece works in complete harmony to the unique, understated charm of this home.

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