Warm, comforting, nurturing – There is a reason this space is called the ‘living room’ – It is the space for you and your loved ones to simply be, to invite your friends into your world, and spend cherished moments together in a setting that is a warm reflection of your own self. Best Furniture Stores in Pune  offers beautifully crafted collection of living room furniture – from chesterfield leather sofas crafted from the highest quality of leather, wooden sofa sets, stunning coffee tables, bookshelves, lounge chairs, and much more – will make sure this space speaks volumes about who you are, without you saying a word. With the wide assortment of furniture and home decor collectives at pune, we aim to bring in a highly engaging experience to you.

Leather Sofa

Leather Sofa and Couch Sets

An epitome of style and plush comfort, our collection of leather sofa and couch sets, crafted from leather of the highest quality, are sure to add an undeniable character to your living space. Choose from a variety of forms and textures that perfectly complement your space and aesthetic. We offer single, two-seater, three-seater, and L-shape as well as customized designs.

Side Table Ra Lifestyle

Side & End Tables

A perfect blend of functionality and beauty, our vibrant collection of one-of-a-kind side and end tables are a sight to behold. Artfully crafted and hand painted, these unique pieces will add a quirky and elegant pop of personality to your living room.

Coffee Table Furniture Ra Lifestyle

Coffee and Center Tables

The center table of your living space really is the area around which one and gather, and we have the perfect pick for that. Our collection is replete with graceful, contemporary as well as vintage center and coffee tables in small, medium and large sizes. With each piece a one of a kind, such as tables crafted from reclaimed wood of vintage doors and jharokhas, each piece so singular in its craft and form, it would only be natural for both people and conversation to gravitate around it.


Ottomans, Stools and Pouffes

Choose from our bouquet of elegant ottomans, handmade hard wood stools and beautifully crafted pouffes to enhance the beauty of your space. Lovingly fashioned from a variety of fabrics and wood, browse through our collection and you will find the perfect companions to your plush sofa sets.

nested tables

Nested Tables

An elegant solution in its simplicity of function, nested tables allow you to use your space to the fullest, and to do so in a beautiful fashion. Choose from our collection hard wood nested tables in rosewood, sheesham, and teakwood, as well as a delightful variety of styles – from the early vintage to the cutting edge modern.

wooden sofa

Wooden Sofa Sets

At Ra, we treat each piece as a work of art, and fashion it so. Our collection of lovingly hand crafted wood sofa sets is a testimony to that attention to detail. Be it reclaimed wood, rosewood, sheesham or a vintage, clean contemporary lines or modern accents, or single, double, triple or a customized seating requirement, you are sure to find a set for your living room that will seem as if it were made just for you.

lounge _ accent chair

Lounge & Accent Chairs

Nothing speaks relaxation better than a plush lounge chair, and our collection of artfully designed lounge and accent chairs are not only a beacon of beauty, but are so comfortable that ll one has to do is to sink into them to forget about the rest of the world, and spend some time within their inner world.

book cases & show cases

Bookshelves and Showcases

All through our travels and journeys, we collect mementos, each signifying a special moment that we’d love to cherish and revisit time and again. These could be books, souvenirs or something else,  and whatever they are, our collection of small, medium and large bookshelves and showcases will make sure that each of these special mementos, however big or small, have a timeless home, so that they are treasured not only in your mind but for your loved ones to share as well.

console table

Console Tables

Choose from our stunning collection of console tables, and add a minimalist yet intricately carved work of art in your living space. From rosewood, reclaimed wood from vintage doors/ jharokas, sheesham, teakwood, and be it classic, contemporary or modern, small, medium or large sized, pick the blend of form, size and wood that blends with your taste and space.

tv unit

TV Units

Choosing a good entertainment unit for your TV and home theater elements can do wonders in using the space of your living room beautifully. Select the perfect one from our bouquet of  small, medium or large TV units, handcrafted in sheesham, rosewood, acacia, intricately crafted to add an element of individuality to your space.

shoe rack

Shoe Racks

At Ra, we use craft and aesthetic to transform each aspect of your home into a subtle message that conveys your singular  sense of aesthetics. Our collection of handcrafted wooden shoe racks, available in small, medium and large sizes, as well as rosewood, teakwood, reclaimed wood and more, will surprise you with the manner in which each piece blends beauty and functionality with each other. Available in vertical and horizontal configurations.



When we say our pieces have unique personalities all their own, we truly mean it ! Our carefully curated collection of one of a kind wood benches, hand painted in stunning colors and styles, and in a variety of sizes, from small, medium to large, will make sure your living space has an atmosphere that is truly its own.


Sandooks, Chests and Trunks

A stunning way to add a bit of mystique to your living space, sandooks, chests and trunks are a graceful way of organizing and storing your belongings. Choose from our collection of carefully crafted pieces –  available in small, medium to large sizes – be it the elegant, the quirky or the ancient, in a beautiful array of styles and form.


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