They say that God is in the details, and we couldn’t agree more. Quite often, it is the artifacts that you choose to lovingly adorn your home with that often give away so much about yourself and your vision. Ra Lifestyle’s truly eclectic collection of home decor has been painstakingly curated to make sure each piece is a work of art, and enhances the personality of your home in unimaginable ways. From a stunning array of lamps, wall decor, table top accessories, mirrors and so much more, you are sure to find pieces that almost seem an extension of your own personality.

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Hanging, Wall, Table, & Floor Lamps & Lamp Shades

Step into Ra’s endless world of lamps, and you’ll be left mesmerized by the sheer creativity and styles to choose from – no one seems to be able to leave with just one. From stunning standalone floor and tripod lamps, elegant table and study lamps that sit beautifully over your furniture, there is an enchanting array to pick from.  Then there are those, show stopping, one of kind pieces that will sprout from your walls and ceilings – quirky hanging lamps, together with wall and ceiling lamps, each piece holding the power to transform your room into another world  altogether. Choose from timeless lamp shades in brass , wood , metal , glass , Eco mix (a beautiful Eco-friendly material made of recycled paper) , copper and a combinations of the above, and get ready to see you home in a completely new and refreshing light – pun intended.
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Table Top Decor

A vintage brass clothes iron-turned-planter. Intrigued? It’s one of the countless quirky table top accessories that Ra lifestyle prides itself in showcasing. A truly distinctive collection artifacts so unique in character and form that they could be scarcely imagined before, and fashioned from lush materials such as terra cotta, wood, brass, metal, ceramic, glass and Eco mix. From one of a kind vases, photo frames, stylized brass utensils , clocks , table lamps , planters to house your indoor plants , candle stands , home accents , quirky animal figures , book ends and so much more, you really must step into our store, and see it to truly believe it.

wall decor

Wall Decor

 The  beautiful artifacts you choose to adorn the walls of your home can truly make all the difference.  Choose the pieces that call to your inner spirit – From our collection of clocks in designs and colors never before imagined, photo frames that are as unique as the memories you will enshrine in them, and wall decor – both in wood and metal –  pieces that each seem to have entire histories to them. Fashioned out of wood, brass, Eco mix, glass or pure metal, the pieces do much more than simply adorn your home – they infuse  soul to it.

Mirrors (Wall Mounted/Floor Mounted)

Add an air of muted grace to your room with our eclectic collection of beautiful mirrors. With intricate designs and available in wood, metal or a seamless blend of the two, a variety of sizes (from small, medium and large), and stunning designs – from wall-mounted to free standing floor mirrors, each piece promises to enhance the beauty of whoever stands before it.


Soft Furnishings

Sometimes, it is the beauty of the secret, blink-and-you-miss elements of your home that enhance its character. Pick from our mesmerizing collection of soft furnishings – beautifully designed table runners and floor rugs , floor daris , chair pads in truly unique patterns and colors , as well as door mats to welcome your guests in your own unique way, and make sure that your signature aesthetic is reflected in each element of your home.

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