One step into Ra Lifestyle’s world of hardware pieces, and you will cease to see them simply as pieces meant for functionality, and begin seeing them as works of art. Once considered a permanent fixture with furniture, changing your furniture’s hardware transform your existing furniture and infuse them with a fresh new look. From exquisitely patterned door handles, knobs, hinges and knockers and more, there is a stunning variety to choose from. And what’s more, we will install the hardware on your furniture, with our compliments.


Ever since Ra was founded nine years ago, you’ve given us the incredible privilege of adorning your beautiful home. Your continued patronage is what drives us, and has helped us grow into one of the most beloved furniture and home decor brands in the country. You’re the reason for our success and today, we’d like to express our heartfelt gratitude to you.

From 15th January 2019 to 31st March 2019, join us for Ra Celebratory Sale. With never before discounts of up to 50% on stunning hardwood furniture, exquisite home decor, accessories and more, this is an extremely special offer by Ra, extended lovingly to its loyal patrons. We’ve specially curated our collection for the next two months with one of a kind, never before seen pieces – so prepare to be swept off your feet!

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Door Handles

From rustic vintage to chic contemporary, our collection of door handles will add the perfect dash of elegance to your doors, with their intricately fashioned patterns and mesmerizing colors. Choose from a variety of materials, from glass door handles, introduced for the first time in Pune by Ra, to brass, wood, pearl or ceramic.



Our exquisite collection of knobs will have you confusing them for rare jewels. Available in a stunning range of hues and patterns, they are sure to enhance the beauty of your furniture. Pro tip: Put our designer knobs on your old furniture and watch it transform into an exqusite showpiece.


Wall Hooks

Functionality and form blend effortlessly with our collection of designer wall hooks. Make your selection from a wide array of sizes, styles and colours. Available in wood, brass, and ceramic.


Wall Shelves

Choose from our beautiful range of wall shelves, with each piece possessing a personality all its own. From intricately carved wall shelves in a variety of sizes, from small medium to large, you can pick the piece that fits right in with your home. Moreover, Ra offers a stunning range of wall brackets to place atop the shelves, from glass, reclaimed wood, and more.

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Coasters, Bottle Openers & Bottle Closers

Ra’s attention to detail  gives you the freedom you to showcase your individual aesthetic in every piece adorning your home. Which is why we offer a lovely range of coasters, bottle openers and closers for you to choose from. It’s the little things that make all the difference, after all, don’t they?

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