Living Room Furniture

Distinctively Designed for the Discerning few

There is more to furniture than its utilitarian aspect. A chic piece of furniture can make a cool style statement; it can also be a medium for expressing individuality and refined taste.

At Ra Lifestyles, which happens to be the Best Home Decor Store in Pune, this focus on individuality is at the heart of our business. As a preferred luxury home decor destination in Pune, it is indeed our company’s vision to give our fastidious patrons all they need to make their home a beautiful and vibrant extension of who they are. After all, connoisseurs like you seek out transcendental experiences in life. So why should buying furniture be any different?

The uniqueness in our furniture design stems from our motto: ‘MAKE YOUR HOME, TRULY YOUR OWN’. Driven by this inspiration, we have been crafting and retailing top-of-the-line furniture since 2009, serving a niche clientele in Pune. As a premier Classic Furniture Shop in Pune, our store is home to an avant-garde collection of Best Designer furniture and home decor products that enable you to express yourself with pride and purpose. Inspired by tempting trends from across the world, we bring you handmade furniture that is a seamless extension of your persona. Pushing the limits of design excellence, we meticulously create furniture with an equal eye on style and comfort.

Whether it is the delicate motifs, intricate latticework or pop of colors, the exquisite craftsmanship is sublimely evident in every single piece – big or small.

At our hi-end home décor store, we offer genuine Antique Furniture, Classic Furniture, Contemporary Furniture, straight line furniture, Modern Furniture and Rustic Furniture. Apart from excelling in classic furniture, we are also a frontline Modern Furniture Store in Pune, offering designs that focus on simple geometric shapes, sleek lines and smooth surfaces.

We are equally passionate about creating eclectic spaces through our ‘fusion furniture’, which is a splendid synthesis of contemporary and classical furniture.

Every room in your home and each corner in the room must reverberate with distinct character. With this conviction in mind, we bring you several categories of furniture that include: Dining, Bedroom, Living, Lounge & Leisure, Study and Outdoor. We are also a leading Chandelier shop in Pune, offering stunning pieces that dazzle with a regal touch.

Visit Ra Lifestyles, the Best place to buy furniture in Pune. Whether you wish to buy superlative beds or graceful Dining tables in Pune, our exclusive store – with its elite furniture collection – has got you covered. And with frequent new arrivals, you are sure to be surprised with fresh, alluring furniture designs every time.


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