Handcrafted Four Poster Bed

Handcrafted Four Poster Bed

Artisanal Marvel

Handcrafted creations hold a unique connect, which in this world of mass-produced goods, is to be deeply treasured.  Each tells a story of inspiration and painstaking efforts and comes with its own unique touch that can never be replicated. A four-poster bed is a fitting example of a handmade product that anyone who appreciates art would yearn for. It brings in magnificence to space, celebrates nature and its beauty and is worthy of all the praise.

Now unleash your creative urges and how. Here are six easy to follow steps that will help you choose the right four-poster bed:

1.An Elegant Design Theme: The theme should be considered according to room interiors. Many theme options are available such as vintage style, royal British style, and contemporary style.

  1. Decide the Dimension: Next major concern is to determine the size of your bed that includes the bed frame, width, height, and depth of poster bed.
  2. Perfectly Shaped: To plan the perfect shape of your bed, you can have the four posters carved, or you can leave them flat. And then pick a variety of designs as an option.
  3. Material Matters: Choosing the right material can make your buying experience wonderful. So, go for hardwood which is more sturdy, durable, easy to maintain, and comfortable.
  4. Using Admirable Drapery: Use drapery along the sides in your four-poster bed to free the head area. Use mesh panels along the rails and incorporate the drapery along the way.
  5. Choose Complementary Colour and Finish: Go for the color which complements your bedroom’s theme. Prefer bright natural wooden finish for natural look otherwise go for mahogany or honey finish.

The old furnishes were crafted with a purpose and quality- that was made to last a lifetime. That is the ethos RA Lifestyles like to apply to furniture-making, where we try to work with the best materials available to create products with old-world quality.

Our process, from design to the last steps of manufacturing a four-poster bed, is designed to obtain signature finish. There is human touch at every step of the way. Visit our Classic Furniture Store in Pune, and experience the royal grandeur of a four-poster bed. Hope it coaxes you to buy this pure artisanal marvel.

3 Ways to use our Chandeliers & Lamps to amp up the drama in your room

Mihir Shah

Whenever you feel like changing the look of any room, you can do it with good lighting. This is because lighting can accentuate the look of any space without physically changing it. Wondering, how? We have curated a list of three ways to help you understand how to use our lighting decor to amp up your living room, bedroom or even a study. Keep reading to find out.


Get rid of the boring centre pieces

Almost every Indian household has a centrepiece in their living room, which is rarely ever replaced. But, did you know a stunning chandelier is all you need to add some life to your living room?

Take our vintage and unique chandelier as an example. This centrepiece won’t just help you make a statement but also change the look of your walls with its reflection. What else does one really need?

Add a vintage touch with some lamps

If you are someone who doesn’t like to sleep in complete darkness, we have something in store for you. Our vintage table lamps are perfect for the bedroom on a nightstand. It will not only brighten up your space but also add a unique touch to your bedroom.

accent lighting

Let your walls have some fun

Who said walls were only made for paintings? Whether it is your study or even a studio, we offer a quirky yet intricate range of wall accent pieces for every space. Take a look at one of most-loved wall accent piece with lighting. You don’t need anything else on your walls when you have this.

These are the three ways in which our varied range of lighting decor can amp up the drama in your home.

Willing to create a similar look in your house? Head to store in Kalyani Nagar at the earliest.

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