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There is more to furniture than its utilitarian aspect. A chic piece of furniture can make a cool style statement; it can also be a medium for expressing individuality and refined taste.

At Ra Lifestyles, which happens to be the Best Home Decor Store in Pune, this focus on individuality is at the heart of our business. As a preferred luxury home decor destination in Pune, it is indeed our company’s vision to give our fastidious patrons all they need to make their home a beautiful and vibrant extension of who they are. After all, connoisseurs like you seek out transcendental experiences in life. So why should buying furniture be any different?

The uniqueness in our furniture design stems from our motto: ‘MAKE YOUR HOME, TRULY YOUR OWN’. Driven by this inspiration, we have been crafting and retailing top-of-the-line furniture since 2009, serving a niche clientele in Pune. As a premier Classic Furniture Shop in Pune, our store is home to an avant-garde collection of Best Designer furniture and home decor products that enable you to express yourself with pride and purpose. Inspired by tempting trends from across the world, we bring you handmade furniture that is a seamless extension of your persona. Pushing the limits of design excellence, we meticulously create furniture with an equal eye on style and comfort.

Whether it is the delicate motifs, intricate latticework or pop of colors, the exquisite craftsmanship is sublimely evident in every single piece – big or small.

At our hi-end home décor store, we offer genuine Antique Furniture, Classic Furniture, Contemporary Furniture, straight line furniture, Modern Furniture and Rustic Furniture. Apart from excelling in classic furniture, we are also a frontline Modern Furniture Store in Pune, offering designs that focus on simple geometric shapes, sleek lines and smooth surfaces.

We are equally passionate about creating eclectic spaces through our ‘fusion furniture’, which is a splendid synthesis of contemporary and classical furniture.

Every room in your home and each corner in the room must reverberate with distinct character. With this conviction in mind, we bring you several categories of furniture that include: Dining, Bedroom, Living, Lounge & Leisure, Study and Outdoor. We are also a leading Chandelier shop in Pune, offering stunning pieces that dazzle with a regal touch.

Visit Ra Lifestyles, the Best place to buy furniture in Pune. Whether you wish to buy superlative beds or graceful Dining tables in Pune, our exclusive store – with its elite furniture collection – has got you covered. And with frequent new arrivals, you are sure to be surprised with fresh, alluring furniture designs every time.

Blog - Furniture that can breathe life

Furniture that can breathe life into your living room!

The living room is the place where the entire family unites and happiness enjoys. It can be through morning breakfast, night dinner, watching your favorite TV show or watching a cricket match along with neighbors. This space is visible to each and every person who visits your place. It is the reflection of your passion and creativity and needs to stand out from other rooms.

The best way to elegantly spice up your living room is by adding some wooden furniture to it. The advantages of using wooden furniture are that they are evergreen during any era. Wooden Furniture can help in:

Change the entire Look and Feel
Wooden furniture helps in creating a sense of the natural world indoors. Living in the city, we tend to miss the natural things and wood is the perfect way to achieve this feel. Various patterns of woods can instantly bring warmth to otherwise dull surrounding.

Wood looks good in pretty much good in any setting as compared to any other material. Wooden furniture fits in any design scheme, be it modern or retro as it brings seamless grace to any home.

Strength and Durability
Wood furniture is extremely buoyant and requires very little maintenance and hence more easily for all in today’s busy schedule. Wood is a long-lasting natural material that can handle regular abuse and can last for ages if taken care off.

Maintenance Free
Wood furniture are easy to maintain by just wiping the surface with a wood cleaner on a regular basis. They do not allow water or dust to settle and can last for years.

Best Decor Option
Adding a piece of wood furniture to a room will entirely change its look and feel of the living room. Wood furniture offers grace, charisma and sophistication to any room.

Value for Money
When you purchase wooden furniture, it may be slightly expensive, but is an absolute value for money in the long run. As per your budget, you can select furniture that is manufactured teak or pine wood or you can opt for furniture that is manufactured using harder, more exotic woods. They will definitely guarantee you long life.

The best part of wood furniture is that it can be modified over time to give it a second, third or multiple life. The existing furniture can be broken down and remade into a totally new product.

Handcrafted Four Poster Bed

Handcrafted Four Poster Bed

Artisanal Marvel

Handcrafted creations hold a unique connect, which in this world of mass-produced goods, is to be deeply treasured.  Each tells a story of inspiration and painstaking efforts and comes with its own unique touch that can never be replicated. A four-poster bed is a fitting example of a handmade product that anyone who appreciates art would yearn for. It brings in magnificence to space, celebrates nature and its beauty and is worthy of all the praise.

Now unleash your creative urges and how. Here are six easy to follow steps that will help you choose the right four-poster bed:

1.An Elegant Design Theme: The theme should be considered according to room interiors. Many theme options are available such as vintage style, royal British style, and contemporary style.

  1. Decide the Dimension: Next major concern is to determine the size of your bed that includes the bed frame, width, height, and depth of poster bed.
  2. Perfectly Shaped: To plan the perfect shape of your bed, you can have the four posters carved, or you can leave them flat. And then pick a variety of designs as an option.
  3. Material Matters: Choosing the right material can make your buying experience wonderful. So, go for hardwood which is more sturdy, durable, easy to maintain, and comfortable.
  4. Using Admirable Drapery: Use drapery along the sides in your four-poster bed to free the head area. Use mesh panels along the rails and incorporate the drapery along the way.
  5. Choose Complementary Colour and Finish: Go for the color which complements your bedroom’s theme. Prefer bright natural wooden finish for natural look otherwise go for mahogany or honey finish.

The old furnishes were crafted with a purpose and quality- that was made to last a lifetime. That is the ethos RA Lifestyles like to apply to furniture-making, where we try to work with the best materials available to create products with old-world quality.

Our process, from design to the last steps of manufacturing a four-poster bed, is designed to obtain signature finish. There is human touch at every step of the way. Visit our Classic Furniture Store in Pune, and experience the royal grandeur of a four-poster bed. Hope it coaxes you to buy this pure artisanal marvel.

Unique Yet Functional Space Inspired Daybeds

Unique Yet Functional Space Inspired Daybeds

A daybed fits perfectly and brings in an edginess to space. This most versatile piece of furniture is a celebration of unhurried life as it can be used for reclining, lounging, and seating. It is placed in the common rooms and is also a very popular option for the guest bedrooms.

Secrets about Spaces
When space is limited, one simple trick that works always is to use daybed instead of a large bed as it brings in fluidity, and helps the space to flow seamlessly.

The idea of a daybed is to create privacy that does not isolate. RA Lifestyle being the Best Furniture Store in Pune offers compact daybeds that have multiple uses, adapting to its surrounding, it is unique yet functional.

The styles and colors of the daybed are the key differentiating zones of the room. While daybed forms the place to relax and recharge your energies, it must reflect your tastes as that will add a touch of originality, style, and bring comfort to your space.

Flaunt your Style
Daybeds come in a wide assortment of shapes, sizes, and styles. Typically features sides and back and come in twin sizes, often has a trundle for expanding the sleeping capacity. Available in metal, wood or a combination of both. The metal day beds bring in a more traditional look than the wood daybeds, which are considered to be more modern. However, traditional-looking wood beds and contemporary metal ones are also available.

Our Designer Furniture Store in Pune has transitional daybed designs that strike a perfect balance between the traditional and modern schemes. Therefore, the style of the furniture you choose from our store will completely complement the rest of the decor of your home.

Color adds Character
Color transforms a space like nothing else. There are plenty of color options when it comes to selecting this multi-function furniture, like dark, light or painted wood and in metal- silver, brass or chrome.

Our designers enhance your spaces with incredible ease by helping you choose the right color daybed that complements the interior decor of your home.

Prime Comfort
There are different kinds of materials used for mattresses in daybeds. Choosing the right one is important. A firmer mattress is primarily used for sleeping purpose, whereas the softer one for sitting. We offer vibrant cushions and mattresses that will blend well with the style and color of your daybed.

Mindless to Mindful
Like mentioned earlier, daybeds allow the transition. With a daybed in your house you end up with a piece of furniture that can provide seating space when you need it, and a bed for guests when they visit -a compact and beautiful package- creates a mindless to mindful shift.

Visit RA Lifestyles The best furniture and home decor store– and make the shift!

3 Ways to use our Chandeliers & Lamps to amp up the drama in your room

Mihir Shah

Whenever you feel like changing the look of any room, you can do it with good lighting. This is because lighting can accentuate the look of any space without physically changing it. Wondering, how? We have curated a list of three ways to help you understand how to use our lighting decor to amp up your living room, bedroom or even a study. Keep reading to find out.


Get rid of the boring centre pieces

Almost every Indian household has a centrepiece in their living room, which is rarely ever replaced. But, did you know a stunning chandelier is all you need to add some life to your living room?

Take our vintage and unique chandelier as an example. This centrepiece won’t just help you make a statement but also change the look of your walls with its reflection. What else does one really need?

Add a vintage touch with some lamps

If you are someone who doesn’t like to sleep in complete darkness, we have something in store for you. Our vintage table lamps are perfect for the bedroom on a nightstand. It will not only brighten up your space but also add a unique touch to your bedroom.

accent lighting

Let your walls have some fun

Who said walls were only made for paintings? Whether it is your study or even a studio, we offer a quirky yet intricate range of wall accent pieces for every space. Take a look at one of most-loved wall accent piece with lighting. You don’t need anything else on your walls when you have this.

These are the three ways in which our varied range of lighting decor can amp up the drama in your home.

Willing to create a similar look in your house? Head to store in Kalyani Nagar at the earliest.

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